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My wanders trough the Canadian West coast eventually took me to Vancouver island where I hitchhike by myself for a while. Eventually, I made it to the cute little town of Tofino where I spent a week in a somehow hidden eco-village “Pool’s Land”. A place where everybody is welcome to stay for free if you give back to the community. My participation of course was a video and other labor work around the gardens.

I accumulated a lot of footage from all my wanders around Vancouver Island but ultimately just compile a movie of my stay in Tofino. Paul, long time host in the village let me use its footage he took with its go pro. The movie was filmed and edited during the short week I stayed there using only solar power form that RV.

  • Gopro 3 + Monopod
  • Nikon D7000
  • Premiere Pro CS5

I always wanted to get involved with an “eco-village” because I liked the idea of a sustainable community working all together. An utopia that I needed to experiment myself. During my stay, I helped with some construction, gardening, cleaning, planning and met a few international people but mostly Quebecois and German for some reasons. I could feel the honest foundations of the idea but like anything that becomes too big too quick it eventually lost its pure purpose. The village was always secret but more and more people started to know about it. Including the authorities. I wonder what it has become today.

Fab was lucky enough to have traveling parents and has kept the bug since than. Always ready for adventure, he is also a talented designer, photographer, videographer and a dedicated reliable friend.

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