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Fabien Rousselot
UX/UI Ninja / Cosmos Enthusiast / Freelance Poet

Quickable Mobile Marketplace

iPhone, Android & Blackberry App

AUGUST 2011 – APRIL 2013

I funded Quickable with a friend back in august 2011 when I first move to USA in Boston. The concept was to create an app that allows you to sell anything fast from your phone on all popular networks at once for free. I conceptualized and designed everything for all platforms. After 2 years, we reached a community of tens of thousands of active users (+100,000 downloads and +4 stars review) and ended up developing a web portal in-synch with the app. But after one more year, competition ended up catching up and we couldn’t develop our iOS version in time. We sold the system we built to a different company and tried to take a new direction by starting Auction Mobility.

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