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Fabien Rousselot
UX/UI Ninja / Cosmos Enthusiast / Freelance Poet

Auction Mobility V2 Products

Complete re-design for all platforms (Web, Tablet & Phone)


When Auction Mobility was created years ago, the idea was to have a cross-platform product that could satisfy all kinds of auction houses. After a few years of selling this product, the designs eventually got old and imperfections arose. With the experience accumulated and all the feedback received, it was time to create the new generation of our products to not be left behind by competition. We needed a perfectly versatile and modular product that could work for a million dollar painting as well as for a rusty second-hand tractor. A customizable product that could be intuitive for the old and the young.

Learning from the past

One modular product for all.


Taking advantage of all the space available on tablet.

Responsive Board

All designs were thought through with the largest and smallest devices always in mind, leaving no room for surprises on web, mobile and also responsive web.

Simplicity is key

Placing a bid is the most important action and I made sure to create a clear design flow that was tested to be mistake-proof with a few selected users.

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