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Fabien Rousselot
UX/UI Ninja / Cosmos Enthusiast / Freelance Poet

The Art of Flying

Aerial Photography

In my early twenties, I was already trying to tape my gopro to a large balloon filled with helium. Using a fishing rod, I would let the ballon go and capture shaky footage of the ground from high up. Fishing for clouds! It made me unconditionally happy and focused, even if the results were terrible. Earth from the sky finally. I felt like a precursor, a pioneer. Eventually, came the drones. Like a kid begging for a big lego set, I got myself a first generation DJI. Obsessed with the idea of a flying camera, the vertical dimension opened to me. After a long time in gravity jail, I could get my eyes up there and see places like a bird. There is just tranquility up there. Maybe it’s my escape, my poetry, my refuge.

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