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I first got excited about taking my eyes into the sky before I realized how awesome it is to simply fly.
When I first got a drone, the photographer I am was truly excited by all the possibilities of a flying camera. Than I did my first flight and realize how fun it was simply to fly around. I want to share here the different places I took my drone and the movies I put together from those different adventures.


I take my eyes in the skyCertified Drone pilot I can help you film anything that is not in space.

The Art of Flying

I wanted to share 2 hyperlapses that I done recently and share the cinematographic thinking behind them. Doing timelapse is a something I have decent…


Drone Diaries .03

Patagonia is from far the most beautiful place I visited and also the most south I ever went in the world. As soon as the…


Drone Diaries .02

New Zealand is a dream I nourish since I was 20. When looking at the map when I had to travel from Asia to South…


Drone Diaries .01

After spending a month in Chiang May, I was looking for a last solo hiking trip to do before leaving. My attention was drawn to¬†Chiang…


My First Drone Movie

I have been waiting quite some time for drones to be more safe and portable. The DJI Mavic Pro is the first drone that anybody…

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