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São Miguel – Azores, one of the nine North Atlantic islands off of Portugal called out to us for months on end. Photos of adventurous trails, breathtaking views, and relaxing springs throughout the volcanic island enticed our desire to take on a true adventure -to voyage together. Thus, we turned this desire into a reality.

Yet another music video. I was listening to this music while exploring and I could already see all the shots in my mind. This is really my first “couple” movie. Filming Stefania is not too hard because she is smiling all the time! I tried not to fall into too much of a cliché but really I did this movie for us. Nature was all around and some plants really reminded me of jurassic times. I tried to film things as stable as I could and added a layer of stabilization in Premiere.

  • Nikon D750 (Sigma 12-24mm 4.5 + AF-S Nikkor Fisheye 10mm 1.8 + Nikkor 50mm 1.8)
  • Gopro 3 + Monopod
  • Premiere Pro CS6

Stefania Amore
Sicilian Mermaid, Passion Ambassador & Dog walker
Boston, MA

A few complications occurred just the day before with our airline that left us worried we would never make it out! Our flight got overbooked, cancelled and postponed for days later with no remorse from the airline company whatsoever. We were devastated to lose almost half of our trip due to an overbooked flight. Our determination would not let us down though! After multiple phone calls and persistent push to get us on a plane, we found the solution to get there which led us to leave a day earlier, but on multiple connecting flights and over 24 hours of travelling. What should have been a quick direct flight, turned into a length of time that seemed never-ending. However, with positive attitudes, and the support of each other, we finally made it..and oh boy was it worth it!

There is no ideal way to put into words, the true beauty of this lush and mysterious place.

There is no ideal way to put into words, the true beauty of this lush and mysterious place. It is truly a destination that should simply be seen and experienced oneself. The gorgeous landscapes and miles of natural terrain absolutely took our breaths away! We hiked a variety of trails and took the time to really visit around the entire island. We didn’t want to lose a second on experiencing all that São Miguel had to offer! With a minimal amount of tourism present during our stay at the end of April, we visited hot springs, spas, and lots of quaint, little towns that were spread ever so perfectly throughout the island.

During our exploration of São Miguel, we also came across a great deal of mysteriously abandoned buildings! Places such as ancient homes, factories, and even a hotel seized our foreign curiosity to explore and capture the historic beauty in and around them. Although eerie at times, these random discoveries of abandonment immensely captured our interest. Cows grazing happily throughout the countryside made for local, organic dairy products that were out of this world. Thus we took advantage to wine and dine like royalty, and for a bargain! We enjoyed picnics feasting on local cheeses, pastries, confitures and of course not to be forgotten, the accompaniment of delicious Portuguese Porto!! It was a real blessing to indulge in such simple yet mouth-watering local delicacies. It is safe to say, São Miguel was a true nature retreat that offered the perfect amount of adventure, romance, relaxation and discovery that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Fabien Rousselot

Fab was lucky enough to have traveling parents and has kept the bug since than. Always ready for adventure, he is also a talented designer, photographer, videographer and a dedicated reliable friend.

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