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Funky international frenchman and poetic wanderer, “Fab” hopes to inspire and connect travelers with stories of adventure and beautiful imagery while working at combining his passions and his work life.


This world is pretty big and you are very small. This planet is beautiful and we don’t have much time. Let’s immerge ourselves in all the differences we can find to build mindful character.


We are the result of a long and complex evolution. Be humble and absorb what’s around you. The moment is precious yet meaningless. Feel the power of Now and celebrate the very existence of Life.


Find your talent and show it to the world. Mine is photography and I will touch your mind through your eyes. Produce a memory that will bring fire into the hearts of fellow travelers.

Drone Diaries .03

Patagonia is from far the most beautiful place I visited and also the most south I ever went in the world. As soon as the group arrived in Buenos Aires,…


The Magic Bus

Hitchiking USA for 4 months took me and my friend Simon to places we never planned on going. It also put on our path this School Bus running on Veggie…


Stay Over in Iceland

As a dedicated lover of Mother Nature, I will never forget the dramatic landscapes of Iceland. Beautiful and unpredictable. I went there for just a week completely unprepared but very…


My First Drone Movie

I have been waiting quite some time for drones to be more safe and portable. The DJI Mavic Pro is the first drone that anybody can get but that is…


I love Nature and good-minded people. I love to travel, take pictures, fly my drone and create inspiring travel movies just for the fun, the memory and the friends.


The life of travel blogger looks fun but actual amount of fun you have is less than the work you spend creating good content to keep you going! If you appreciate what you see, please like and share! Or really contact me, so we travel together.

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